Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Respect is the foundation of what we teach.  One of the first things you will notice when you enter our school is the high level of respect that each person shows for themselves, each other, and the school.


Courage allows students to overcome challenges, reach for their goals, and become successful in whatever they do!


We teach the principles of Black Belt Focus and Excellence.  Not only do students become Black Belts in martial arts, but they also strive to become Black Belts in their personal life and eventually develop an attitude of constant achievement.

Positive Environment

One of the greatest opportunities our school offers students is providing powerful, positive role models for students of all ages.


Instructors work on building the leadership skills students need to be empowered to make their own positive choices.


Nothing in the world can beat the confidence that comes from being successful.  Students will begin to truly believe that anything is possible in life and will cultivate a powerful "Can Do" attitude!


By making self-discipline a priority in our classes our students perform better in every area of their life, including school, work, home an din their martial arts classes.

Physical Fitness

Martial arts training is one of the few activities that truly work the entire body including strength training, cardio-vascular fitness, flexibility, and relaxation skills.

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