Thursday, January 27, 2022

Red Belt

Mechanics: (Red Stripe)

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  • Half Round Kick
  • Defensive Turn Side Kick
  • Spin Kick
  • Jump Back Round

Hand Techniques: 

  • Mountain Block Strike
  • Thumbs to the Eyes
  • Closed Low Double Knife Hand Block

Single Board Break (Must Complete)

  • Know Safety for Board Breaking

Self Defense: (White Stripe)

All previous Self Defense


  • Discuss Safety
  • Different Chokes


  • Discuss Grappling (Tap outs, striking, etc)
  • Guard Positions (Review)
  • Lock up Position (Knees and Standing)
  • Twisting Takedown (From Knees)
  • Open Grappling


  • Pressure Points (minimum of 10)
  • Joint Locks (minimum of 7)
  • "Back off" Drill (Advanced)
  • Sparring (minimum 6 classes)

Form: Toi-Gye (Blue Stripe)

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  • Meaning  (Can earn Yellow stripe by telling meaning of Form to an Instructor)
    • Pen name of scholar Yi, who was an authority on Neo-Confucianism.
    • The 37 movements of the form represent his birthplace on the 37th degree latitude.
    • The pattern traced on the floor represent the Chinese symbol for "Scholar".
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