Thursday, January 27, 2022


Courage Martial Arts has been established as a recognized Martial Arts School since 2002 and has been teaching and practicing martial arts for many more years.  Mr. Charles and Ms. Deterville, owners of Courage Martial Arts, developed a nationally recognized Martial Arts program for children and families with bleeding disorders, cancer and other serious medical conditions.  Mr. Charles and Ms. Deterville, both nurses, were able to share their love of martial arts in a safe setting that allowed these families the opportunity to experience martial arts first hand; no one had to sit out.  The courage of these families is what inspired the name of our studio, Courage Martial Arts.

In 2007 we made the decision to share the philosophy of CMA with as many people as we could and that is what has brought us here today.  We are a family run school that values a positive environment.  Courage Martial Arts is dedicated to teaching martial arts to anyone who has the heart and willingness to learn.  Every student is considered a member of our family.  Our instructors are trained to challenge our students in a safe, open, respectful and fun filled environment.  On the way to earning their black belt students will discover their focus, confidence, discipline and self-esteem know no bounds.


Introductory Special
$69.00 for the first month
(Includes uniform and belt)

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